Now interviewing for fall 2016 lessons
We start in August and end in June.

6 benefits of music lessons.
This is a very informative article on the benefits of lessons for children.

Our pets.
We have three gray cats that were abandoned by some renters in our neighborhood. We have lost one of the three kittens we had due to a an emegency vet mis-diagnosis and we still miss him dearly.
We have handled these cats gently and carefully for seven years and they are fantastic with children. Please, do not pick them up though as cats need some time to get used to other humans. They bring us much joy and comfort and we respet them as animals. They will not be present during lessons times as they get more attention than the teacher.

Three little kittens. Mama Cat, Fluffy and Hook.

We have three beloved cats in our home. If you come across one in the hallway please handle them with care and baby talk as they are well loved.