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About Lisa Overly
Lisa started piano lessons at age 6. She went on to study under several teachers in her home town of Decatur, Illinois. She moved to Greenville South Carolina to attend college. As an artist she then wanted to move into graphic design, web design, photo editing and photography for a few years.
During this time she also homeschooled her two children for 16 years who both started college at age 14 and are currently finishing up their schooling at UNCG and UNC Asheville. Her love of teaching is still very much alive and Lisa incorporates the same passion used to homeschool her own children to teach her piano students.
Lisa is a cat lover, enjoys cooking, sewing, Adobe Photoshop and many other creative outlets.

Lisa age 6.

Her first recital was dreadful as her teacher failed to tell her about stage fright. She vowed never to play again but some how she kept going.