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Piano And Voice Lessons

Welcome to my studio!

I started piano lessons at age 6 (1973) from a man that played mostly by ear. Over the years before college I took lessons from 5 piano teachers, and never missed a year of lessons in 17 consecutive years (and even some summers) until I graduated in 1990 from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

My first job as a teen was working in a music store teaching piano lessons for $12 an hour when my brother was making only $4 an hour washing dishes! I definitely rubbed it in! I taught 18 students each week for 2 years, and really enjoyed watching them progress.

My degree is from Bob Jones University and I hold a B.S. in Music Education. Being that this major was the largest major the university had to offer I didn't have a major or a minor but a proficiency in piano and a secondary in voice. I studied all instruments and even had to play a few that I am happy that I will never have to play again... like the tuba! My training in piano has been in classical as well as hymn playing.

My first piano teacher at Bob Jones University was an amazing pianist but a very mean and impatient woman and I left in tears many time from my lessons! I finally requested a new teacher which I had for the next 5 years!

That teacher was a professor by the name of Lance Flowers and he was a very patient teacher! His piano teacher at the university had been was Lawrence Morton and both of these men taught for 30+ years and then retired. Mr. Morton's piano teacher was Alberto Guerrero ( who was the teacher of the famous piano player Glenn Gould. I'm very thankful for an amazing heritage of teachers who greatly influenced my playing.

Even though I did not go on to be a big concert pianist or even a college professor I've mostly played for stress relief and personal enjoyment over the years since I never did like to perfom that much. I think piano has taught me many things that I haved used in my life on a million other projects. I love to teach it way more than I love to perfom for others.

When you want to play a piece of music you have to work very hard and spend many hours to complete it. So if anything it teaches persistance and how to complete the job which is something very valuable for anyone to learn! You also learn to express your emotions through music.

So all that to say my goal isn't just to make EVERY student into a concert pianist but to help them build learning skills as well as building confidence for possibly other things in their life that they may be even better at doing in a positive and encouraging environment.

Doesn't matter what age the students are or their level. If they have a desire to learn I can usually teach them something! I don't play by ear but understand how to teach those that do and have had very good results doing it.

I also teach voice lessons. I had many hours of voice training during my years at Bob Jones University and am very equipped at foundational breathing techniques as well as teaching head voice to the ladies.

I've put my lesson and studio requirements below. Will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


God Bless!

Lisa Overly




2012-2013 Calander

Summer lessons start May 1-August 31st.

Fall lessons start September 1-April 30th.



Piano Instructor Lisa Overly (L.Overly)

Located in Greensboro near Lowe's on Battleground

Cell Phone: (864) 361-0888

Your lesson Day:__________________ Time:___________ Fee per month__________

Payment will be due the first lesson of the month. Only checks and cash are accepted.
Cash is preferred. There will be a $2 late charge for any late payments and a $15 charge for returned checks. Make checks out to Lisa Overly.


Minimum practice time expected.

First year students: 15 minutes per day twice a day 5 days per week all other students 45 minutes per day 5 days a week.

Students are expected to put a check by the day if they did the minimum practice in their music notebooks. Practice time will be checked at the beginning of each lesson. Only students who are willing to give the necessary practice time each week in order to develop their music talents should make the choice to study piano or voice at this studio.


Purchase of music costs are over and above lesson fees. The cost of the books will be checked with your first and the total emailed. Please include this with your regular lesson fee the next month. For most students, cost of music per year does not usually exceed $60.00.


Missed lessons will be made up only if for excused reasons. Including only:

1. Illness-one per semester
2 . Hazardous roads in winter

Please understand there can be no exceptions to this rule. In order for the above reasons to be excused you must call ahead of time! Otherwise, there will be no make-up lesson and no fee adjustments.
Missed lesson times are used for another student’s make up lesson, so each lesson half-hour is valuable to someone.

I understand that situations do arise so If you would like to change your lesson time I will give all students a list of the names and phone numbers of students so that you may call and ask them if you may trade with them for their lesson time. After you have set up your lesson time trade with them then call or e-mail me with this change for the week the day before your lesson. Don't be embarassed since everyone will have to do this at one time or another during the year.

If no one will switch lesson times with you then you may make up your lesson during the designated times so as not to forfeit the payment but ONLY if you call or e-mail ahead to confirm before you miss your regular lesson time. The designated make-up lesson time is Thursday between 1:00-2:00 p.m. ONLY. I'm sorry but I cannot make any exceptions to this rule as I have other weekly obligations.


Going out of town
Choosing another activity
Forgetting to come to the lesson
Insufficient practice time so I decided no use for coming
I forgot my books.

Under all un-excused reasons the lesson will be forfeited meaning no make up lesson and no fee adjustment.


If you are late to your specified lesson time then you will not receive a longer lesson. The time you show up for is how long your lesson will be since there are others scheduled and all of their lesson times will be thrown off.


The first time this happens the lesson will consist sight-reading new material. If it happens more than once the lesson will be treated as an unexcused lesson.


Since each student will receive a schedule of all other students’ lesson times, lesson days, and telephone numbers, students are responsible to work out their own schedule conflicts by calling another student and switching lesson days and times. (Feel free to call students whether you do or do not know them. When all is switched please notify me immediately with the schedule change. This system will keep you from having unexcused lessons.

Because of a tight schedule and because of the need to move quickly from on lesson period into the next the following rules are a must.

1. Be prompt for your lesson
2. Wait in the hallway for your lesson period. When you come into the building please do not come into the room until your own session begins. Do not wonder around in this building.
3. While waiting in the hallway, please be as quiet as possible. If you must talk please whisper softly.
4. No extra people in the music room except by permission. Parents are welcome to visit occasionally but not on a regular basis. (Except when music instructor requests your presence.) If a friend wants to visit your lesson time please call ahead as well. When a parent, grandparent, or friend visits your lessons period, they are to sit quietly so that your lesson time can go on as usual.
5. Always, check hands before coming to lesson. If they need washed, go to the restrooms and wash them before lesson.
6. Soiled shoes are to be left in the hallway.
7. Students, if you are waiting for a brother or sister to take their lesson you may sit quietly in the hallway and bring a book or a tech toy to play.

Thanks so much for your cooperation in following these rules.

You’re going to do great!

Lisa Overly

Your email _______________________________

Phone_______________________ Cell: ______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________


I have read the handout completely and am aware of my responsibilities, as a student/parent understand that the student could be dropped if he does not comply with this agreement.

Parent signature______________________________ Date___________