Choose a digital solution
for your photo
How do I decide the best digital solution for my photographs?
Read the explanations on the top of each digital solution page and choose the one that best fits your needs I'll will do the rest!
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Shall I send you the photo in orignal ( paper) or scan it and send the file?
You should not send me your original photographs, I will not be responsible for any damaged or lost photos. You must scan them with a 300 dpi resolution and send them as jpg format. For best results please clean your scanner very carefuly of dust. If you have more questions regarding this please Email me.
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Which resolution is the best to scan the photos?
You should scan your photos with the resolution you will need for the final use,
300 dpi is minimum required resolution. Anything less will make the photos blurry when printed. If you only require the photos for web use then send them in 72 dpi.
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How can I place my order?
1) Define the work you wanted to get done on your photograph.
  2) Send your request and photo samples to me at
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How do I pay for my order?
After receiving your email I'll send you give you an estimate of how much time it will take me to do the jog. Upon approval of several proofs I'll give you the final price. I accept payment with PayPal through a credit card.
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How long will my order take?
Usually, my turn around time is just a few days for most projects.
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What happens if I do not like your job?
I work in such a way so that you can obtain the results you wish. When I'm fiished, and along the way, I will submit an online proof(s) for your approval. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, and you think I can improve it, I'll will try my job again. So far I have had very happy cusmomsers for over 15 years! So don't worry! Just communicate to me well and all goes well.
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What is the privacy policy?
Any kind of information given will only be used to identify you as a client. I will not trade with your personal data.
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